where, why and what – a backstory

Pasadena – is a wee bit east of downtown Los Angeles. A cultural hub with clusters of different socio-economic communities, divided by the 210 freeway, has awarded me a little bit of money, under the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town public art project.

a map of NE Los Angeles

Collaborating with the NW Pasadena community I will produce a series of audio stories and portraits. Stories are an essential part of culture, they connect and create a sense of place and community.

boxing for life

Contextualized stories can link communities. So by collecting personal experiences as audio stories, and creating interactive spaces on public transport, and mobile devices, through huge public wall drawings and on the web, the local stories will give us a glimpse of a different place, connecting disparate peoples, while exposing a commonality.

my favorite tamrindo icy stand after boxing practice

About awillcocks

As an Australian American Artist I choose to create blogs that inform and ask questions. Perhaps a little irreverent and possibly interesting. And sometimes just plain funny.

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