Fatima _ the process

16 years old, she boxes daily and weekly and monthly. 2015/6

Powerful, strong, disciplined & feminine. Inspiring & beautiful.

I tried to catch her essence at Perry’s Joint Cafe. It took weeks.

Photos, conversations & watercolors rough out my impressions.

Fatima boxes for life. I watch her box –  afternoon training.

Girls Rock!

The banner goes live in Pasadena Transit Metro – 3/29/2016
Route: 10, 20,51/52 31/32, 40. Listen & scan the QR code, call:626.808.4905
Visit the website: www.blotnbyte.com


Take a ride Look, Listen & Share:
Press 3: Nosietrace: experimental sound
Press 4: The Long Story.

The community placed them in public spaces.

A banner went up guerilla style at the metro fence.

Generous + inspiring.

Fausto: Villa Parks amazingly magnanimous!

Me training  – thanks Villa Park

About awillcocks

As an Australian American Artist I choose to create blogs that inform and ask questions. Perhaps a little irreverent and possibly interesting. And sometimes just plain funny.

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