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Experimental NoiseTrace audio


The Long Story


Experimental NoiseTrace audio


The Long Story




The Long Story

Many thanks to
Fatima & Fausto De La Torre & all the great boxers at the Villa Park Gym




the long story

Many thanks to
Pasadena Transit
Mothers’ Club,  Pasadena
Sarah Quintanar – www.musicwithsara.com
Many thanks to Perry Bennett and his fabulous family and staff at Perrys Joint Cafe
Marco Schindelmann & Mlum
Mary Brennan and SideStreetProjects

About awillcocks

As an Australian American Artist I choose to create blogs that inform and ask questions. Perhaps a little irreverent and possibly interesting. And sometimes just plain funny.

1 Response

  1. Catriona Holland

    Hey Angela, I’m loving seeing your work. I had a really vivid dream about you last night – we were school kids again and getting a house together – woke up thinking it was true. Lots of love to you, Cat 0421 957402


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